Building Systems Analysis and Retrofit Manual
This guide provides contractors an overview of a variety of HVAC aftermarket business opportunities, allowing them to select those that might provide the greatest return on investment consistent with market forces in their local area. Topics covered are: marketing aftermarket services; energy management retrofit; HVAC systems testing, adjusting and balancing; indoor air quality; HVAC system commissioning/recommissioning; duct cleaning; duct system analysis; system operation and maintenance; and CFC/HCFC retrofit. 198 pages. 1st Ed., 1995.
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IAQ Guidelines For Occupied Buildings Under Construction
An authoritative source of project management guidance in maintaining satisfactory indoor air quality (IAQ) of occupied buildings undergoing renovation or construction. Covers how to manage the source of air pollutants, control measures, quality control and documentation, as well as communication with occupants. Includes example projects, tables, references, resources, and checklists; plus more extensive appendices, references, resources, planning and inspection checklists, and model specifications. Offers guidance on HVAC equipment early start-up and duct cleanliness for new construction. Methods to identify and remediate lead, asbestos, or other materials that are classified as hazardous materials are not intended to be within the scope of this standard. 131 pages. 2nd Ed., 2007. ANSI/SMACNA 008-2008.
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Indoor Air Quality — A Systems Approach
This manual provides for a system-type approach to identifying and solving indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns, while introducing the fundamentals of IAQ. The manual also updates the technical aspects of IAQ with regard to typical contaminants found in today’s facilities.

Other topics covered are testing and identification and source mitigation. Time-saving IAQ tracking forms can be modified to meet specific contractor needs. 170 pages. 3rd Ed., 1998.
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Energy Systems Analysis And Management
Presents an updated level of technical information necessary for energy conservation and retrofits of today’s commercial facilities. Provides building owners, facility managers, contractors, and system designers with the tools needed to evaluate an existing facility for energy savings potential. Items of special interest include performance contracting, CFC refrigeration regulation, and new automation system open protocols. Other topics covered include HVAC heat recovery, energy auditing, operation and maintenance, and indoor air quality. 200 pages. 1st Ed., 1997.
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TAB Procedural Guide
This guide is intended for trained TAB technicians to assure that the appropriate procedures are employed in an effective manner. Includes general as well as specific guidance for both air-and water-side HVAC system adjusting and balancing. Variable air volume, multi-zone, dual duct and exhaust air systems are examples of the systems specifically covered and time-saving forms are included for precise record keeping during the conduct of a TAB project. Assists TAB technicians with preplanning and establishing teams so that energy use is minimized whether the work is done in new or existing buildings. 116 pages. 1st Ed. 2003.
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HVAC Sound And Vibration Manual
Contractors charged with resolving complaints related to sound and vibration will find the first edition of SMACNA’s HVAC Sound and Vibration Manual an in-depth HVAC-specific guide in the art of sound and vibration measurement and mitigation. This comprehensive book covers mechanical vibration, acoustical design of mechanical systems, sound generation and attenuations associated with ducts and fittings, mechanical equipment sound and vibration specifications and inspections, plus sound and vibration instrumentation and measurements. 222 pages. 1st Ed., 2004. (Available on CD only)
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HVAC Systems — Testing, Adjusting and Balancing
This new version has been extensively updated from the 1993 version and includes all of the many changes that have taken place in the HVAC industry. New sections covering VFD, DDC, lab hood exhaust balancing, and the latest changes in balancing equipment and procedures are included. 407 pages. 3rd Ed., 2002.
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HVAC Systems — Applications
Focuses primarily on the advancement of HVAC systems’ technology, with increasing emphasis on energy efficiency and the emergence of green and sustainable building. Provides guidance for HVAC system selection, operation, and design. Covers the fundamentals of space condition requirements and explains how the various types of air, hydronic and refrigeration HVAC system designs can be applied to buildings. Individual chapters detail system information for controls, multi-zone, dual duct, terminal reheat, variable air volume, induction and special applications such as dedicated outside air and thermal energy storage. 442 pages. 2nd Ed., 2010.
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HVAC Systems Commissioning Manual
Commissioning is the process of ensuring the HVAC system meets the owner’s operational requirements.
The process works effectively for projects both large and small, simple as well as complex. It applies to the commercial, industrial and institutional markets. It is a practical how-to guide for contractors, owners and engineers interested in learning about commissioning for new buildings and recommissioning for existing buildings. Separate chapters are devoted to the different levels of commissioning, including basic, comprehensive and critical system commissioning.

A thorough explanation of recommissioning leads one through the preliminary investigation, survey and documentation phase, the design and installation of system modifications, and the actual recommissioning test. The appendix contains a sample HVAC Systems Commission-ing Specification, complete from the planning to the final execution stage. Additionally the topics functional performance testing, operator training, MSDS forms and equipment data sheets and O&M manuals are covered. It also includes sample reports and timesaving pre-start and start-up checklists. Use of these tested and proven sample forms and specification will save hours of valuable time. 180 pages. 1st Ed., 1994.
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