Construction Safety Checklist
This handy safety tool provides supervisors and foremen with an easy-to-use overview of construction safety and health issues that should be inspected regularly. Checklists come in booklets of 20 three-part “carbon copy” forms enabling one person to keep the original, give a copy to others (GC, mechanical contractor, client, etc.) and also keep a “file” copy. 20 pages, 1st Ed., 2007.
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SMACNA Guide To Fall Protection
This comprehensive compliance manual covers OSHA’s fall protection standard for the construction industry. Contains a complete overview of the regulation, training checklist and certification form, a glossary of terms, and a reprint of the OSHA regulation from the Federal Register. Also includes 20 Fall Protection Toolbox Talks.
104 pages, 1st Ed., 1995.
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SMACNA Personal Protective Equipment Manual
Contractors interested in complying with OSHA’s standard on personal protection equipment will find this valuable. The guide provides information on current OSHA requirements and various types of PPE. Training requirements are covered and more than 30 toolbox talks are provided.  90 pages, 1st Ed., 1998.
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SMACNA Press Brake Safety Compliance Kit
Consists of all the elements necessary for establishing an effective program of alternative methods of point of operation protection on power press brakes to comply with OSHA’ Compliance Directive. The Employer’s Reference Manual contains a sample policy statement, provides a detailed program of safe operating procedures including photographs, list training requirements, and contains a sample training certification form. The Safe Operating Procedures Training Video can be used by employers to train employees on the safe operating procedures described in the manual. The VHS video goes step-by-step through the safe operating procedures on the power press brake.
48 pages, 1st Ed., 1997.
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SMACNA Respiratory Protection Compliance Guide
Assists contractors in complying with the OSHA respiratory protection standard. Contains a sample program, training information, and compliance checklists. Contains informative toolbox talks to assist with refresher training.
116 pages, 1st Ed., 1998.
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SMACNA Scaffold Compliance Manual
Covers the OSHA Standards for Scaffolds—Subpart L of the 1926 Standards for Construction. Provides contractors with a basic overview of the regulation, contains specifics on some of the common scaffolds used in the sheet metal and air conditioning industry, and includes compliance checklists that can be used as jobsite inspection forms. 
88 pages, 1st Ed., 1997.
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Tri-Counties SMACNA - Setting the Standards!
Tri-Counties SMACNA - Setting the Standards!
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